PerForm software package

PerForm is a management system that leads to continuous improvement in the field through accurate planning and recording of safety productivity, environment, quality and social performance levels in the forestry environment.

The PerForm software runs on 3 platforms simultaneously, namely tablets/smartphones, cloud-based data storage and management’s desktop computers.   The power of the product lies in two places:

  • Its simplicity (complicated parts runs in the background)
  • Its feedback loop that includes a Dashboard on the company performance on SPEQS:
    • At all levels of staff, from the operator through to the investor.
    • For different time periods from real time to the past history.

All plantation staff and machine information is uploaded into PerForm via the desktop computer.

All staff from supervisor level and up are supplied with tablets allow for the planning and recording of operations.  The software allows for continuous improvement measurement where reporting shows that planned targets set for safety, productivity, environment, quality and social have not been achieved.

Information is also downloaded to dashboard on desktop or to a mobile APP version.  Examples of what can be seen on the dashboard are the following:

  • Safety stats:
    • Damage/injury to men, machines, materials
    • Fire damage
    • Plan vs actual
  • Productivity stats
    • Planned vs actual Productivity or the job (e.g. m3/hour, m3 for the day, m3/litre of diesel consumed)
  • Environmental stats (water, soil, biodiversity):
    • Planned vs actual
  • Quality (specification for the job, waste, rework
    • Planned vs actual
  • Social
    • Public complaints
    • Community complaints

Key benefits

  • The system is based on a systematic risk-based management philosphy that will ensure continuous imrovement throughout the company in the 5 key performance areas of safety, productivty, environment, quality and social issues (SPEQS).
  • The implication of this is a definate improved effeciency, higher productivity and finally a reduction in operating costs and an increase in profitability.  This is the key advanatage for the operator.
  • PG BISON will specifically close out all systems- and procedure-related safey non-compliances that were raised in the recent OHSAS 18001 safety audit.
  • PerForm replaces all current document management systems and replaces all job-related SOPs
  • PerForm is thus also a document management and control system for all company documents
  • PerForm is fully complaint with requirements related to FSC certification.
  • PerForm is a data management system that maintains a record of all historic data covering the full value chain of the forestry company
  • In summary the software is designed to ensure continuous improvement throughout the organsiation in a holistic, integrated and simple manner.

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